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The CubeIT Modular Unit

The CubeIT Modular Unit is manufactured by CubeIT Technologies, LLC. It is a convenient and cost saving solution for any growers looking to maximizing their grow space.

The CubeIT Modular Unit consists of a modular steel structure tube frame with aluminum interior panels.  Options to have the unit full-assembly or packaged for easy transportation.


Growing Environment

CubeIT provides a series of custom turnkey solutions for production. All aspects of design, manufacture, and installation is customized to suit desired production capacity.

CubeIT Modular Units are fully contained modular clean room structures that are equipped with state of the art lighting, air handling, humidity control, carbon dioxide management, irrigation and fertigation.

Precision Control. Consistent Results.

Our technology provides commercial-scale growing operation with an unmatched level of environmental control that enables them to develop, refine and repeat specific growth conditions to produce specific plant properties in every harvest.

CubeIT  Modular Unit creates and sustains precise uniform growth conditions that result in consistent plant development throughout each cube, streamlining workflow, reducing waste and driving more value from every crop cycle.


Standard Features

  • Pre-finished aluminum wall and ceiling panels.
  • 4’ x 8’ entrance door
  • Wall mounted fans
  • Dehumidifiers with filters
  • State of the art security cameras
  • Rolling grow table on floor mounted track system
  • Insulated walls and ceilings
  • 40 x Gavita Pro 1000 DE lights
  • Plumbing connections

Modular Advantages
vs. Traditional Build-Out

  1. Easy to ship & transport – Reduced Shipping Costs, Can be transported in a standard pick up truck or flatbed trailer
  2. Compact Footprint & Self-Contained. All modular slabs fit through a standard 4’ x 8’ door, making it easier to set up shop indoors
  3. Easy assembly and disassembly – Bolted connections (no welding), ability to be relocated to a different location
  4. Reduced construction and design costs and time
  5. Tax Advantages of Modular Structures

CubeIT Advantage
vs. Other Grow Container Solutions

  1. Speed-to-Market
  2. Scalability and Affordability – Able to scale to any growing and production needs. The more units purchased the greater the discount.
  3. Superior Environmental Control
  4. Maximized growing area = greater yield No interior columns or structure to restrict grow area.
  5. 100% Climate Controlled allows for year-round cultivation operation no matter what weather conditions exist outside.
  6. Very low risk of crop failure
  7. Structurally sound and built in the USA (not built from old shipping containers that have been around the world a few times)
  8. Plug and Grow. Using just one electrical outlet, once the power is connected it is ready to be used, making it the ideal solution to speedy and efficiently enter the market or augment current operations.
  9. Remote monitoring and controls allow for precise uniform growth conditions